Giulia Ceraolo-King, Teacher of MFL

Andy is an inspirational colleague and leader. In my 15 years of working with him, I have always felt respected and supported in all areas of my professional development and teaching. He is the most hardworking, committed and professional person I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Richard Clarke, Head of Year & School Governor

When I write my memoirs, Andy will be in them as the teacher who reawakened my love of teaching. I have been very lucky to be associated with him over the last 16 years; Andy is someone I’ve always looked up to; someone who always pointed me in the right direction. He will be greatly… Read More

Andy Dent, Head of English

Andy has a truly enviable mixture of professional and personal attributes. An innovator, but also a believer in what the past can teach us. A natural leader, but with the wisdom to listen to good advice. An independent spirit, but an equally sensitive and committed family man. I have worked with Andy for over fifteen… Read More

Rachael Doyle, Deputy Head of English

Andy has been a wonderful Principal to work for over the years. As a newly qualified teacher eight years ago, Andy quickly became the reliable colleague that I would turn to for advice and support during my journey towards outstanding teaching. He knows his stuff…full of innovative ideas for teaching outstanding lessons, Andy always tried… Read More

Chris Drury, Assistant Principal

Since meeting Andy in 1999 it has been clear that education in its widest context is not just his vocation but his passion. As a teacher, his teaching, care, support and guidance has inspired many young people to achieve their goals. As a leader, he has the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’, and the… Read More

Rev. Tim Hanson

The Academy is a very different place because of Andy’s leadership.

Joanne Tringham, Assistant Principal

I have known Andy for over 8 years. In that time, he has made a huge contribution to the education of thousands of pupils and we are all part of that legacy every time we go to work. He has been dedicated to improving the learning and life chances of pupils. His focus has been… Read More

Nicola Warrender, Head of Humanities & MFL

Whilst working with Andy, I was always impressed by his positivity, creativity and vision, along with his unadulterated passion to help children become the best that they can be and to overcome all obstacles in their way. I had the privilege of working with Andy throughout the first fifteen years of my teaching career which… Read More

Brian Wilkinson, Headteacher

Andy is passionate about the children he works with. He puts the children first. Every time Andy speaks about his school he always pulls it back to the children and the achievements they have made. He has provided opportunities to the pupils that they may not have previously had and it is a pleasure to… Read More

Simon Oakes, Director of Wilco UK Ltd

I have known Andrew for over 10 years, and I have had the pleasure of experiencing his professional expertise first hand. Running and operating a school, transforming a school from “ordinary” to outstanding under his direction, working with designers and architects to design and build a new education facility that the students are proud to… Read More

Damon Horrill, Managing Director, Cornerstone Innovations

During his time in Winsford, Andy was possessed with the vision and abilities to keep Winsford kids’ education in Winsford. Low aspirations threaten futures but Winsford Academy had a leader who understood the role creativity has in opening young minds to different ways of thinking and being. His new culture benefited the community, giving us… Read More

Mr & Mrs Wareing, parents

Mr Taylor-Edwards has not only done so much for our children but also for all the kids in our community. It’s strikingly noticeable how significant a role the Academy now takes in the local area. Thanks for delivering on all the promises made to parents.

Lin Nicholson, Head of Maths

What Andy doesn’t know about learning is not worth knowing. He knew it before it became teaching and learning, learning and teaching, behaviour for learning, climate for learning and assessment for learning. He was enthusiastic about all of these things before we knew what the jargon meant!